Why choose us?

Notoriety and trust

 Over the years, SOTUVER has established itself as the benchmark supplier of glass packaging in Tunisia. Our reputation goes beyond national borders, allowing us to play a leading role among the main glassmakers in the Mediterranean basin. This recognition reflects the trust that our local and international customers place in our know-how and the impeccable quality of our products.

Proximity and logistics management

The strategic geographical location of SOTUVER in Tunisia in the Mediterranean basin offers an undeniable logistical advantage. In addition, we pay special attention to logistics management. Thanks to our close collaboration with the world's main shipowners, we ensure rapid and optimal delivery of our products. Careful management of our supply chain is a top priority. Indeed, we guarantee our customers short delivery times and constant availability of our products on international markets.

Confirmed expertise and customer satisfaction

Our in-depth experience of nearly six decades in the glass industry attests to our expertise and confirms our unrivaled know-how. Whatever the nature or complexity of our customers' requests, we have been able to achieve a considerable satisfaction rate. Faced with varied and complex requests, our dedicated and qualified team met all expectations. We do everything we can to meet each requirement and ensure the success of each project, from design to product completion.

Quality at the heart of our process

Quality is the very essence of our products and the central pillar of all our work. At each stage of the manufacturing process, our items undergo careful inspection using state-of-the-art inspection machines. These control devices guarantee the precise detection of the slightest imperfections, even at high production rates. Accreditations obtained from leading companies attest to our commitment to international quality standards and our unalterable reputation.

Health and Safety

At SOTUVER, we place hygiene, food safety and environmental responsibility at the heart of our concerns. Our strict protocols, in compliance with the most rigorous international standards, ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of our manufacturing facilities. Indeed, our manufacturing facilities as well as our value chain respect the strictest standards in terms of cleanliness and reduction of environmental footprint. We also ensure the energy efficiency of our production process, contributing to the reduction of our carbon footprint. When you choose SOTUVER, you are investing in excellence forged by nearly six decades of expertise in the glass industry. Our reputation, solidly established nationally and internationally, rests on solid foundations. Make your choice an alliance with quality assurance and trust on a global scale.