Process of manufacturing

Fusion: Metamorphosis at high temperatures

The composition marks the start of our manufacturing cycle. Essential components such as sand (silica), sodium carbonate, and limestone are thoroughly mixed. We add cullet, glass debris from collection and sorting. This raw material is of crucial importance, reducing our energy consumption while extending the life of our melting furnaces.

Fusion: Metamorphosis at high temperatures

The raw materials are taken to the melting furnace, where they are subjected to extremely high temperatures, around 1700°C, for around 24 hours. The liquid glass thus obtained is channeled through refractory feeders to the forming machines, a key element in giving shape to our articles.

Forming: Precise shaping as required

The drop of glass, called parison or gob, takes shape in our production machines. We use two forming processes depending on the items manufactured: pressed/blown and blown/blown. These methods guarantee precision and variety in our creations. They also allow us to meet the diverse requirements of our customers.

Annealing: The finishing touch for strength

The annealing stage takes place in a cooking arch, where the glass is reheated before being gradually cooled. This gradual cooling is essential to avoid any bursting linked to too sudden temperature differences.

Quality control: The guarantee of excellence

Quality is at the heart of our process, starting with rigorous control. At every stage, our products undergo careful inspections. State-of-the-art inspection machines accurately detect the slightest imperfections, ensuring a quality standard that meets international standards.

Decor: The art of personalization

To meet the specific needs of our customers, we use screen printing, a decoration technique allowing careful personalization of our items. This way, we meet your most specific design needs.

Covering: Secure delivery

To ensure optimal delivery to the end customer, our glass packaging is carefully covered with shrink film. This step guarantees maximum protection during transport.

Storage and shipping: Special care until final destination

Particular attention is paid to the storage of our products before shipment. We ensure that each item, the result of exceptional know-how, reaches our end customer in the best conditions. In this way, we preserve the quality of the product that defines SOTUVER.

At SOTUVER, the creation of our glass products is a meticulous and refined process, combining tradition and innovation. Each step is carefully orchestrated to guarantee the exceptional quality for which our products are renowned.