Building on its heritage and looking to the future, SOTUVER continues to innovate and invest in cutting-edge facilities to maintain its market-leading status in the glass industry. We are proud of our journey and are committed to providing exceptional quality products to our customers across the world.

SOTUVER is resolutely committed to an approach to excellence through the implementation of an Integrated Management System (IMS), thus establishing a culture of continuous improvement within the company.

This rigorous vision results in obtaining renowned certifications, reflecting our commitment to quality, food safety, energy performance, quality management, and sustainable development.

Description de l'image ISO 9001: Quality and customer satisfaction : Since 2011, SOTUVER has been ISO 9001 certified, demonstrating our constant commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This certification attests to our ability to provide products and services that meet the highest requirements of our customers. Indeed, we implement rigorous quality management practices to ensure consistency and improvement in our performance.

ISO 14001: Ecological commitment and sustainable development : We obtained ISO 14001 in 2017. This certification symbolizes our ecological orientation and our commitment to sustainable development. It demonstrates our responsibility towards preserving the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. Indeed, we are actively engaged in eco-responsible practices throughout our value chain.

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Description de l'image ISO 50001: Commitment to energy performance : ISO 50001 certification, also obtained in 2017, demonstrates our commitment to energy performance. Because environmental impact is a very important subject to us, we work to manufacture products, respecting environmental standards throughout the value chain. This standard therefore attests to our systematic approach aimed at continually improving our energy efficiency. It represents a guarantee for our stakeholders regarding our contribution to reducing environmental impact and our responsible management of energy resources.