Establishment of a cullet treatment plant

SOTUVER recognizes the importance of cullet as a crucial component in the manufacture of glass packaging. It guarantees glass quality identical to that obtained with conventional raw materials. In an act resolutely focused on sustainability, SOTUVER has invested in a cullet processing station with an impressive production capacity of 15 tonnes per hour.

Significant benefits

Installing a cullet processing unit offers a series of substantial benefits, both energy and environmental. Firstly, this process removes various contaminants such as non-fusible mineral materials, stones, ceramics, magnetic and non-magnetic metals, as well as soluble organic materials. These contaminants can compromise the quality of glass packaging, the operation of melting furnaces and their lifespan, while contributing to higher energy consumption.

A positive environmental impact

From an environmental point of view, the treatment of cullet and its reinjection into the smelting furnaces play an essential role in preserving the ecosystem. By reducing the quantity of solid waste destined for landfills, this approach contributes to the protection of the environment. In addition, it promotes the conservation of natural resources, by minimizing the use of virgin raw materials. Finally, the treatment of cullet also makes it possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which constitutes a significant step towards the fight against climate change.

A strategic decision

Investing in a glass waste processing unit is not limited to a simple technical operation. This is a strategic decision which demonstrates SOTUVER’s firm commitment to complying with regulatory requirements in terms of environmental preservation. It is also a tangible way to preserve natural resources, reduce our carbon footprint and actively contribute to a more sustainable future.

Supporting innovation and sustainability

This initiative reflects our desire to innovate and adopt responsible practices that benefit the planet while maintaining our commitment to the quality of the products we provide to our customers. The cullet processing plant is another step in our journey towards more environmentally friendly production, and we will continue to explore new avenues to strengthen our positive impact on society and the planet.

Investing in the future

The future of the glass industry rests on bold decisions like this. By investing in a cullet processing station, SOTUVER is positioning itself as a leader in the transition to more sustainable glass production. This advancement strengthens our ability to meet the growing demands of our customers while actively contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Training and technical innovation

The acquisition of this cullet processing unit was not limited to a simple material acquisition. Multidisciplinary technical teams have benefited from in-depth training cycles to master these advanced technologies. This ensures efficient and optimal use of the treatment plant, thereby maximizing the environmental and economic benefits it offers.

A commitment in action

At SOTUVER, the environment is at the heart of our strategy. This cullet processing plant is a concrete example of our commitment to sustainability. It is part of our continuous improvement approach, aiming to integrate responsible environmental practices at each stage of our production process.

Contribution to waste reduction

One of the most significant impacts of this initiative is the reduction in the amount of solid waste sent to landfills. By processing cullet and integrating it back into our manufacturing process, we minimize our environmental footprint by reducing the need to create new materials from virgin raw materials.

A greener and more sustainable future

By investing in cutting-edge technologies, training our teams and contributing to the reduction of solid waste, we are shaping a greener and more sustainable future for the glass industry and for the planet. The cullet processing station is the symbol of our commitment to pursuing this path with determination and resolution.